Travel Guidance

  • Qatari nationals can obtain entry visa at the airport or any other entry point for a fee of 25USD. In cases of visa extension, visa holders are advised to apply for extension before the expiry of the original entry visa. They are also advised not to remove the entry or exit stickers from the passport during their stay as the local law bans foreigners from staying in Nepal without a valid visa and travel document.
  • Please maintain utmost care and beware of middlemen and swindlers when issuing a visa or tourist travel permit in order to avoid any legal implications.
  • It is advised to deal only with legal currency exchange bureaus and keep the receipt of any exchange transaction.
  • It is advised to carry the passport and the tourist travel permit during the trip. Please refrain from taking photos where photography requires pre-approval.
  • When taking photos, please respect the privacy of others and the sacredness of worship places as Nepal is a country of diverse religions, cultures and ethnicities.
  • Nepalese laws strictly ban the use of drugs, firearms and ammunitions.
  • Qatari citizens are advised to declare any foreign currency amounts in their possession that exceed 5000 USD upon their arrival in order to avoid any legal complications or the money being confiscated when departing at Kathmandu International Airport.
  • Foreign visitors are allowed to take souvenirs back to their home countries. However, antiques and gemstones require a pre-approval from the Nepalese Ministry of Antiquities. The Nepalese law bans the export of gold, silver, wild animals; their leather and horns; and all medications – whether processed or in their natural state.