Qatar-Nepal Relations

Qatar-Nepal Trade Ties

Qatar-Nepal intertrade has been growing gradually. Nepal’s main exports to Qatar are cloth and textile, magnetic storage discs, vegetables and other goods. On the other hand, it imports polyethylene, polypropylene, TV and video players, gold and some food products.

Nepalese workers in Qatar

Communications between the Qatari and Nepalese people have flourished thanks to the flow of Nepalese manpower into the Qatari market and also after Qatar Airways started operating direct flights between Doha and Kathmandu.
The Nepalese manpower in Qatar is estimated at around 400,000 workers. Demand for Nepalese workers is currently higher than ever thanks to the Qatari government’s mega development and infrastructure projects. Despite the global recession, Qatar continued to issue work visas to expatriate workers, including those from Nepal, who were welcomed, cared for and looked after by the Qatari government and people.